We can create PDF files very easily with dopdf or any other PDF Writer, but the hyperlinks in the created PDFs are not clickable. It will be nice for anyone to give PDF documents containing multiple links which should provide more information. Any one can easily include more info in the PDF with links.

For illustration purposes I am considering saving  Firefox Bookmarks as a single PDF file which we can carry in a USB drive.

1.Backup your Firefox bookmarks to folder on desktop.

2.This bookmarks file is an HTML file, now go to freepdfconvert which converts MS office documents, Images and web pages to PDF.

3.Upload the bookmarks file in the source file through browse, we can even apply watermark and password restriction to the bookmarks file also, click show options for these to appear.


4. You don’t need to enter your email address.

5. Click Convert to download your PDF file.

6 After upload of the file is complete, download your PDF file in zip format.

If you know other ways to create PDF files with clickable links freely express your views in the comments.

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