If you are a fan of Internet Explorer want to back up  your Internet Explorer  Favorites to your USB drive as PDF,HTML and CHM file format ,it will be possible with ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter .This will be very useful for those who want to carry their Internet Explorer favorites with them as PDF file in USB drive.

ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter features:

  • Automatically detects favorites folder of Internet Explorer.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Export Bookmarks to PDF,CHM,HTML format
  • All bookmarks content in output format have hyperlinks ,so we can open any Bookmarks from PDF itself.
  • The interface is easy to understand, directory of favorites appears on left side ands option to save bookmarks as PDF,CHM,HTML available on the right side.
  • ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter
  • We have to choose export format as PDF or CHM, or HTML and ,any one format you wish clicking save as save PDF file in desired location .
  • Takes very less  time to convert to desired output format.
  • After converting to output format the document open automatically
  • PDF of IE Bookmarks
  • It also displays time ,file saved location and result as success in the program after conversion.
  • We can minimize this program to system tray
  • Converted PDF document contains page numbers .
  • We can even encrypt or set password to PDF file we ,to do this we have to enter password to open or modify in PDF menu.This should be done before conversion
  • .PDF encryption
  • It’s freeware .

Download  ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter

Summary:ABC Amber Internet Explorer Converter converts all Internet explorer bookmarks into single PDF,CHM,HTML file.Very useful to carry them in a USB device when you are away from your PC.All IE bookmarks contains hyperlinks in the exported  PDF file so that we can open them from PDF file.

Bonus:Want to know where the favorites of Internet Explore located ,they are located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\favorites

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