Bored and vexed with normal add\remove programs which takes  a lot of time to load saying that “please wait  while the list being populated “.Here is safarp which is small and fast alternative to “add\remove programs “Control panel applet.It takes less than a second to load all installed programs list.

safarp which Small and Fast add\remove programs loads installed programs less than a second take a look at below its features.

safarp features:

  • Small program not fully featured,fast access to installed programs .
  • Loads very fast when compared to add\remove programs.
  • Access option to safarp  in Control panel (optional)
  • safarp displays list of programs installed ,hot fixes ,security updates installed in your computer
  • Selecting  fast mode in safarp loads installed programs without icons.we can view programs with icons  in safarap from view>load icons
  • Remove the program you want by selecting it and clicking remove button will uninstall the program you selected.
  • safarap displays installed program’s  version ,frequency of use,last used ,publisher name  and it’s size from view>sort by .
  • we can hide hot  fixes in safarp.
  • we can save list of programs installed in HTML,RTF format from programs menu >save list as .
  • Search option to find in  programs you want to remove\uninstall .
  • It supports Windows 2000\2003\XP
  • it’s freeware

Download Safarp from here

Summary:Safarp makes fast access to installed programs to remove ,it is a replacement to add\remove programs ,and it has lot of options which are very useful.

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