Saving Webpage as Image in Visual Explorer

We can save  part of web page as Image  by taking screen shot,what if we wanted to save entire Web page as Image is it possible ,yes it is possible with Firefox add-on Screengrab and with other Browser Visual Explorer .

Actually I wanted to find the color codes of my sidebars of blog for that I wanted my whole blog page as Image ,I found two Firefox extensions screen grab and Abduction which can save entire web page or selection of web page as Image , I tested both screen Grab seems to be Working fine ,as I opted for screen Grab between the two.

Saving webpage as Image with Firefox add-on Screngrab:

After installing Screengrab you can observe Screengrab icon at right  and bottom page of Firefox . With ScreenGrab we can save entire webpage or seletion of webpage as Image ,we can also copy entire webpage or selection to Image Editor.


Saving entire web page:To save entire web page in Firefox ,left  click on ScreenGrab and select Save>complete Page/Frame and save the screen shot with your desired name.

Copying Image to Image Editor:If you want to copy the image to the image editor like Paint or Snagit ,left click screengrab >Copy>Complete Page/Frame and paste it in your favorite Image Editor.

similarly you can save or copy visible portion  or selection part of web page in Firefox with Screengrab.

Another Application to save web page as Image is Visual Explorer ,which  I come across recently build on Internet Explorer.This browser has a feature to save web page as Image.

Saving Web page as Image with Visual Explorer:

1.Open the site which you want as Image in Visual Explorer .

2.Once the web page is fully loaded from file menu select save as Image and it prompts you save in which image format ,save in your desired format as JPEG,PNG or GIF.

Saving Webpage as Image in Visual Explorer

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