command prompt right click menu

Though there is lesser usage of Command prompt ,I had already written few tips on Command prompt ,Command prompt will be very useful in troubleshooting aspects as well.It will be nice if we can open command prompt from right click menu it self.

There are three freeware utilities I came across two are  from open source and other  from Microsoft.I recommend to install Open command prompt shell extension first and  then remaining ones so that we can access all three without any conflicts..

Open Command prompt shell extension adds Open command prompt to the right click menu(context menu),makes it easy to open the  command prompt .

Open command  prompt

You can  install this open Command prompt shell extension  from here .

BackgroundCMD adds command prompt to right click menu and we can open command prompt from there.



Microsoft’s power toy Open Command Window here  also adds  to right click menu to open command window from system folders.

Open command Window

Open command prompt shell extension,BackgroundCMD and Microsoft’s power toy Open command Windows from here together makes us  easy to open command prompt from either system folders or from the right click menu.

Summary :You can choose any one to  keep on right click menu as all three can uninstalled from add\remove  programs list.

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