Avast Anti-Virus is popular free Anti-Virus Program  which protects from potential threats to your computer.Normally Avast is runs in the background,but Avast will not scan your Computer for viruses when your screen Saver is On.Avast Anti-virus can scans the computer for viruses even though computer is not in use and screen saver is On.

To Activate Avast Scan for Viruses While the  Screen Saver is On:

  1. Right click on Desktop ,select Display Properties click screen saver tab and choose  Avast Anti-virus as Screen Saver.
  2. Avast Antivirus as Screen saver
  3. Now click settings beside Avast anti-virus name and enable Scan for Viruses and click ok to save changes. You can set other screen savers also from settings in the Avast anti-virus screen saver.
  4. Enabling Scan for viruses for Screen Saver 
  5. By Default this scan for viruses will be set to scan for all hard drives when the screen saver is on.You can customize it by selecting the areas.Once you set the areas to be scanned you can now set the types of files to be scanned also.

Areas Scan:Here when you see the left pane you can scan settings that is you can set al hard disks to be scanned or custom drives can be scanned by Browse window.

Once areas scan is set you can set the type of files of extensions to be scanned generally you can set scan for all extensions or you can add or remove some types of files.

Avast Scanning Even Though ScreenSaven is On

Now your system is safe as your avast will Scan when Your Screen Saver is on from now onwards.

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