We have to view and hide files and folders from folder options in Windows Explorer.Ishow shows and hides hidden  files and folders ,system files.Ishow  also will be very useful when folder options are not shown due to infection of virus and thus we can  remove viruses with access to hidden files and folders.

We have to follow a routine to see all hidden files and folders in our computer by opening Folder options and enabling show hidden files and folders.To hide the files also from appearing we have to disable show hidden files and folders.ishow will be very useful to avoid this routine.

ishow Features:

1.This program can be accessed form system tray .

2.We can access all options of ishow by right clicking on that icon.

3.We can even set it to run at startup.

4.Clicking Hide All will hide all files and folders ,excluding system files and folders.

5.Clicking Hide Super Hidden will hide system files and folders.

6.Show Hidden will show hidden files and folders.

7.Show Super hidden will show system files and folders.

8.Very useful  to find viruses in hidden files and folders.

9.If a virus attacks and disables showing Folder options in View menu  ,then with the help of ishow we can see hidden files and folders and eliminate viruses.

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