Auslogics System Information

Auslogics System Information  Provides  comprehensive and easy to understand system configuration info. It will show about hardware configuration ,OS details, running processes list ,Memory usage .We can also save this information for future use.It’s a Freeware.

 Auslogics System Information Features:

1.It takes  less than a minute to collect system information and loads very quickly.

2.General Information :we can find the general information includes OS details,number of program installed and number of processes running.

Get Comprehensive System Info with Auslogics System Inforamtion 

3.Memory usage:list of processes that consuming the memory ,virtual memory and free memory details are shown.

4.Hardware Info:devices details includes processor info,Motherboard model ,amount of memory installed ,hard drive details,USB devices connected to computer and their info,Video card properties ,sound card,Ethernet card details.

5.Installed programs list:List of Installed programs in your computer is also displayed .

6.Saving System Info:we can save entire system information displayed by Auslogics system information with Ctrl +R thus saving in  desired format like text,HTML and XML This info will be very useful further .reference.

7.Requirements:Windows 2000\2003\XP\Vista.

8.It’s a freeware

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