There will be always problems for users facing sudden restarts of computer and blue screen error messages  .These are always because of malfunctioned device drivers and kernel modules.WhoCrashed investigates these drivers which caused crash of your computer and displays the report.

Whocrashed is a crash dump analysis tool which thoroughly checks crash dump and  displays a report of drivers which crashed your computer.For this tool to work the crash dump should be enabled in your computer.

To enable crash dump start>settings>Control Panel>system >advanced >startup and recovery >select one of three options in write debugging information box  and click ok.

enabling crash dump

Now click Analyze in Whocrashed 1.0 and it displays the report if it contains any drivers causing system crash.

WhoCrashed report


Summary:WhoCrashed  will be  very useful to find the drivers causing  sudden restarts and crash of computer.

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