Generally We delete our  files which  then moves to the Recycle Bin and then  we delete the files permanently from there .If we delete some files we know we don’t require them in future,hence deletion .So what’s point in moving files to Recycle bin and deleting files from there.We can delete files permanently without moving to Recycle Bin.

We can also delete files permanently by using Shift +Delete also,but we can automatically do that without the use of Shift button.For this we are using inbuilt Group Policy editor.

1.Click Start>run>type Gpedit.msc and press Enter.

2.Now expand  User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Explorer in the left pane and  select Do not move deleted  files to Recycle Bin  in the right pane and double click it set it enabled.

Do not move deleted files to recyclebin

3.Restart your computer.

4.From now onwards if you delete a file it will be permanently deleted without moving that file to Recycle bin.

5.If you don’t want this  follow the steps from 1 to 2 and set that option to disabled.

Do you delete the  files permanently or sends them to Recycle bin?

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