There will be always problems when it comes to loading drivers after reinstalling Windows ,I had already written backup and restoring drivers with double driver ,here is another freeware DriverBackup makes it easy to  backup and restore drivers .You can backup and restore drivers through command line also.

DriverBackup Usage:

1.On loading DriverBackup  scans for all drivers and displays list of drivers installed in computer.

2.With DriverBackup we  can backup drivers for separate classes like OEM, Microsoft certified drivers and third party drivers .

3.It displays drivers list based on following classes as buttons  .

All:All shows all devices

OEM:shows Microsoft Device drivers

Third Parts:Devices with third party drivers.

Full Portability :Devices list that are totally compatible with backup and restore.

Digital Signature:Devices with digital signature(WHQL)

Though we select all drivers to backup ,it is categorizing all device drivers like Microsoft drivers and third party drivers and which device drivers that are backup will be restored.

4.So select what ever devices ,you want and click Start Backup button to backup to a specified folder .

Backup ,restore your drivers with DriverBackup

5.If you want to restore your drivers clicking  restore and selecting Open the backup file and find extension .bki  file and click Restore.

6.comamnd line usage:Though we can use command line option to backup and restore drivers it’s an in Italian Language quite difficult for users to understand prefer the above method.

7.Requirements:Windows XP\Vista it works with Windows XP\Vista .

8.It’s freeware.

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