There is a possibility ,your data get stolen through USB devices in Office or home .MyUSBOnly protects you from data theft to USB devices,secretly logs all USB connect,disconnect ,files copied ,deleted ,you can set MyUSBOnly to receive email notification when unauthorized USB drive plugged into computer,you can run it by hiding also.

Neccessity of MYUSBOnly:Stealing of your valuable data as easy as it gets ,just plugging the USB Drive copying all data to pen drive ,unplugging it that’s all he walks away .To protect from data theft by using USB devices through USB ports and prevent unauthorized usage of USB Drives we should use MyUSBOnly.

Features of MyUSBOnly:

  1. After installing MYUSBOnly USB drive icon in the tray indicated MyUSBOnly is running.
  2. Whenever you inserted a USB drive it asks to enter password to allow the drive ,the default password is 0000,see how to change the password in next step.
  3. Now press Ctrl+f5 to bring set up window for MyUSBOnly enter 0000and confirm to proceed to  preferences of MyUSBOnly USB setup Window and in the general click change password  password set up windows opens enter 0000 as old password confirm it enter new password and its up to you to set hint question after click confirm to save changes.Now you only know the password as default 0000 password is changed to new one.

    4.Add your USB device to Whitelist:  Every time we don’t want a password to enter and allow the usage of our USB Device,what we have to do add this USB device as trusted one(White list) to MyUSBOnly,so we need not enter password again.

If you are already in the preferences of MyUSBOnly or you can get into by pressing Ctrl +F5.Now  in the left side select Device White list  , start detect  and plug your flash drive and click Detect select your device add it to white list and click save to apply.

5.Device usage Log:It also saves when the time and date USB device as connected and disconnected in log so that you can monitor bad guys usage as well .

6.Hide the Tray Icon:You can  hide the tray icon by un checking Display tray icon in General setup you can also hide general set up option in the tray menu.

7.Email notification:Email notification,sys log information on copied data ,deleted data  will be useful for corporate offices I will leave it to the advanced set up in the preferences of MyUSBOnly.

8.Requirements:Windows 2000\XP\2003\Vista

Summary:MyUSBOnly is very useful to prevent data theft,set up your password ,add your USB device to white list,monitor device log and protect your data.

it’s trial version ,Download MyUSBOnly

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