If you are a user who spends more time with your computer,you need shortcuts to programs which you use often to make the tasks that much easier for you.You always have the shortcuts that have for the programs like MS Office you can access from start menu or from Run box.

1.Shutdown Shortcut:Its easy to click single shutdown shortcut button than pressing Alt+F4 or Start>Turn Off and Turn Off Computer.shutdown

Its easy to make shutdown with in 0 time .

Browse for New shortcut on the Desktop and type shutdown –s –t 0  and name it as shutdown.This will save lot of time for you.

2.Restart Shortcut:Browse for New and type shutdown –r –t 0  and name it as restart .Restart

“For both 1 and 2  if you want detail explanation with screen shots see here

3.Registry Editor Shortcut::How many times we access registry editor by typing regedit from start menu in Run box ,rather than just place a shortcut which saves time when you need registry editing .Registry For more see here

Browse for New shortcut and type C:\windows\regedit.exe and name it Registry editor

4.Lock your computer with a Shortcut:Privacy is most important ,to protect our privacy so that no one access our computer when we are lock your computer with single click ,though you can use win key +L to lock placing shortcut for it makes much easier.


Browse for New and type Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation and name it as whichever you wants give it as Lock.For full article see here

5.Shortcut to DeviceManger:How many  times a day we access device manger to troubleshoot and find drivers information .Make a shortcut for it.


Browse for New on the the Desktop  and type devmgmt.msc and name it as DeviceManager.For full article see here

I will update this if I found any other useful shortcuts .

What’s your say on this?

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