I was browsing on the Web in Firefox  and as Snagit is my default screen capturing it automatically startup with windows ,I find problems while using  snagit as I saw that  taskbar disappeared.It’s irritating to anyone Windows Desktop without the tasksbar.Lets’ see the solution to fix this.


Taskbar Disappeared:

1.Even though the Taskbar is missed rest of all that is start menu all are working fine .So click Start>Settings>Taskbar and start menu Taskbar Troubleshooting

make sure Auto hide the taskbar is unchecked

Keep the Taskbar on top of other  Windows Checked

After following  above you cant’ view your taskbar .go to step2

2.Minimize the Windows you are opened  (my taskbar came back with this).go to step3.

3.Close all windows you opened .

Conclusion:Actually the Taskbar won’t get disappeared ,it will hide on the windows that are opened.as you minimize or close windows it comes back to normal position.

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