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If you are a person who uses Gmail, which is very popular now, let us see how we can open Google mail in easier and simpler ways.

1. Open Gmail by setting as Homepage in Browser:

You can access Gmail by setting as your home page.

2. Open Gmail from Google Toolbar:

If you use Google Toolbar with which we can bookmark, see the page rank, search and access Gmail as well.

Gmail in Google Toolbar

3. Open Gmail from Command prompt:

Start>Run>type CMD >type “start” without quotes and it will open in your default browser.

4.Open Gmail by typing ‘g’ in Firefox :

To use this, you first make sure you added Gmail as bookmark to Firefox.

Now right click on bookmark, select properties and give the keyword ‘g’ and save changes. Now typing ‘g’ will open Gmail, for full  article on “how to open any website by typing one or to letters in Firefox” see here.

5.Create a Shortcut to your Gmail to open:

1.Open Firefox browser and type http;//

2.Resize Firefox and with left click of mouse drag and drop ‘g; to desktop it creates a shortcut and access Gmail as shortcut from now onwards, thanks Gopinath.

creating shortcut to gmail

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