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It would be much better if we have to view certain sites daily like Google News,  Gmail,blog and certain daily routine sites better if we access them with a single button,which makes it easy with  Firefox add-on  Morning coffee.

Morning Coffee Features:

  • Keep track of daily routine  web site and opens them in tabs
  • We can add our sites we like to read to Morning Coffee on daily basis or weekly basis.
  • It can save lot of time by opening all web sites with a click of single button.
  • It works with Firefox3.0.

How to add websites to Morning coffee:After installing Morning coffee ,you will observe that Morning Coffee appears as Coffee cup besides Firefox address bar.

Select he websites you want to add Morning Coffee click add to Morning Coffee .>Everyday or the day you can choose.

Adding Websites to Morning Coffee

Configuring Morning Coffee:You can also Configure Morning Coffee

  • By opening sites in random order
  • You can even set Morning Coffee as home page
  • You can add or delete websites in Morning Coffee

Configuring Morning Coffee

After  configuring Morning Coffee ,click Coffee Cup to open daily routine websites in tabs in Firefox,happy Browsing…

If you have any doubts express them in comments.

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