USBDeview lists the USB devices connected to the Computer ,also the USB devices previously used by you.With the Help of USBDeview we can uninstall the USB devices currently connected  and we can also uninstall previous USB Devices installed.It also display the information on USB device name ,model and the date\time device was added .We can even find the  date\ time  last time USB device is Plugged/Unplugeed.

With USBDeview we can do the following things:

  • We can disconnect selected or all USB devices
  • We can uninstall selected or all USB devices
  • We can Enable or Disable all USB Devices.
  • We can generate a report on  list of USB devices in HTML which includes comprehension info on Device name,description,Device type,Connected,Safe to Unplug ,Last Plug-in date very useful to know when we last time connected our USB device(this will be very useful in public places to monitor USB devices usage.of course this will be lost when you restart your computer) ,etc.

USB Deview Screenshot

Download USBDeview

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