It is always very interesting to know a  program needs what files to run ,that is the program depends on which files to run it self, this can be find with the help of Dependency Viewer.

Finding Files needed to Run a program with Dependency Viewer

Files necessary for any program to Run:For a program to run ,program depends on several files like dll,tlb,exe.ocx and olb.

How to Use Dependency Viewer:

  • You have to select executable by navigating to the directory which contains the executable file and clicking Next you have to select which types of files to look for like dll,tlb,exe,ocx,olb you can select all types as well.
  • I opted to check out Firefox navigate to firefox exe file by browsing and click Next select All types and click analyze and Dependency Viewer show the results you can saves the results to a text file with export to file.
  • Depency viewer Screenshot for Firefox
  • As from the screen shot we can know the files needed for Firefox to run ,simply you can find this for all other programs using Dependency viewer.

Any doubts?

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