Recently lot of buzz about vulnerabilities in Gmail caused Domain hacks.Google reacted to all by  this saying that they always in front to enhance security features to their Google services.Google confirmed that there is no vulnerability in Gmail .According to Google domains are attacked due to phishing emails.

Let us see the steps we need to take our Gmail Account secure:

1.Always use https:Gmail is encrypted when you are using password to login to Gmail but once youa re signed into Gmail encryption will not be applied because applying encryption will take more time for data to travel .

To always use https in your Browser

  • Login to Gmail >settings>General >Browser Connection >select always use https ,save changes.

          Alwyas use https

The problem with using https it makes loading of Gmail much slower than you use and you can not use standard http to access Gmail if you want to be secured you have to accept this feature otherwise you  can disable https by selecting Don’t  always use https in Gmail settings.

2.Don’t click on links you don’t know:If you receive emails from persons you don’t know just don’t open them ,don’t click on links send by other unknown IDs which may cause to hack your account credentials.

3.Don’t give your personal information:don’t give your personal information to others unless you trust them .

4.Use filters to block spam:You can create filters for those email-ids which you don’t want to receive you delete those messages completely by creating filters.

5.Frequently change your passwords:use strong passwords for Gmail account and change these passwords often to make sure your Gmail  account is secured.

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