This will be very useful  for all computer users, we install so many programs and if you want to install your OS freshly, before that, you need a list of installed applications. It is hard to remember all the programs we install, so it is better to keep a copy of the printout of installed programs as we can install them very easily after reinstalling Windows.

Ways to print list of Installed Programs on your Computer:

This will be very easy if you have followed our previous articles of Belarc Advisor or SIW. If you don’t have either of those on your computer,  download and install both of them onto your PC from our posts. We also need a PDF writer like dopdf, you can argue why we can’t save data to MS Word? Its your wish. There is no logic behind this as these System Info programs also give the report of software installed.

UserAssist for Windows 7 Displays List of Programs Run by a User from Windows Installed Date to Till Today

Using CCleaner:

Open CCleaner, click on Tools >Uninstall, click on save to text file to save the installed programs in a text file.

Saving Installed Programs in a  text file

Using Installed program printer:

Installed program printer is a freeware, after installing this program, open it, it displays list of installed applications, you can save and print them.

Printing installed programs list using Installed program printer

Using Belarc Advisor:

After installing the Belarc Advisor when you open it, it creates a profile for your computer and opens a webpage about the same in your Default  Browser.

Now select all the text from Software versions & Usage and from File menu  > Print > select dopdf as printer and in Print option select selection and print now, the installed programs list is saved as PDF file.

How to Print List of Firefox Extensions Installed in Your Computer

Using SIW:

SIW is portable, so if you open and select installed programs in the left pane, it displays all the programs installed , select all with the mouse and use File menu to print using dopdf as a selection, save and Print  the list of installed programs.

Saving Instlled Progrmas list from SIW

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