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It will be nice If we are viewing some programs, browsing on the net,viewing some movies in media player  and if some one comes nearby to maintain our privacy we have to hide them not  to close so that we can access them again .That’s what you   looking for ?  AceHide will  hide window or all windows by assigning hot keys or clicking on the tray icon.Its a freeware.

Customizing  AceHide:Assigning hot keys will make much easier for us though we can close window or all windows through clicking on tray icon it will be easier to use Hot keys.

To make sure these hot keys don’t intervene in the programs when you use like MsWord while you type ,I recommend use

Home-to Hide all Windows

End -to Show all Windows

Preferences of AceHide

We can even set password to restrict access to AceHide tray Icon ,by preferences.It will be useful to set hotkey to close and show all windows .We can even set  Acehide icon to not to appear by enabling or checking  .Hide an Application’s Icon when the windows are hidden .

Download ACeHide it works with all Win 98\ME\2000\XP .

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