Bootup Time

Want to know how much time it takes to load Windows?then you can find the Windows boot time with the help of Boot Timer.Boot time is the total time taken by windows to load when the user turns on his computer.

BootTImer:After downloading BootTimer run it ,running of this utility requires restart of Windows when it asks to restart, click yes to restart .

After restarting it gives CMD prompt message window not to move keyboard or mouse ,don’t move your keyboard or Mouse until it displays the boot time be patient.

Now it displays the boot time after all the process have been loaded ,click Enter to exit the utility as it clears itself from  memory and connects to its site,(this is what I don’t like).saying thanks for using BootTimer.

It’s a Freeware

Download BootTimer .No installation required.

OS:Win98ME\2000\XP.BootTimer for Vista compatibility is coming Soon…

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