MRU-Blaster detects and cleans most recent used lists in your computer very easily.MRU means Most Recently Used.We can safely remove these most recently used lists with MRU-blaster by that we can prevent access to our MRU and protect our privacy

What are Most  Recently Used lists:.

Most Recently used list contains names and locations of the last files you accessed.

Why to clear these MRU:If you don’t clear MRU there is a chance someone can access that info.

While installing it is enabled as startup program ,and also we can schedule this MRU-Blaster .MRU-Blaster can remove over  30,000 different MRUs and usage tracks.which includes Typed URLs Internet Explorer ,Run command history and Google toolbar History also.

MRU Blaster Screenshot

You have to scan with MRU-blaster as it automatically detects and clears most recently used lists.

Download MRU -Blaster

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