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There are situations we have to use certain commands in windows ,in early days all are depend on the Microsoft DOS Operating System now all operating systems are of  GUI makes Command Prompt usage a little but there are still commands which will be very useful for us .

1.Use tab to show enter full Directory name  by just typing few letters:

For example I want to get into” Program Files”,so that I type cd   Prog and press Tab to show total directory name.

start>Run>CMD>type pro >Press Tab  +Enter

result C:\Program Files

2.Use F7 to Know the History:

Pressing F7 will show the history  previous commands you entered.

command prompt history

3.Use Alt +F7 to clear the history:

Press Alt+F7 will erase the previous  the commands history.

4.Pressing F3 brings back previous command

Pressing F1 brings back previous command one character at a time

Pressing F6 inserts end line of character

5.Open any web site using start from command prompt:

Typing “start “ without quotes will open Google site

6.Finding OS Installed Date in Windows XP:

It will be always useful to know date of  when we finally installed Windows.

Typing systeminfo |  find /i “install date “  will display date of last OS installation.

Lsst OS Installation Date

7.Finding Up Time of Windows:UpTime means since how much time system is running is called up Time

Typing systeminfo | find “Up Time” will display the system Up Time

System Up Time

These are few,Command Prompt Tips &tricks,  If I found any useful commands I will update them for sure.

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