Portable Devices

There will be always problems with these portable devices which contains infection which are very difficult to find even by Anti-Virus products.You can Check how many portable devices are connected to the computers in the Network by their names with EndpointScan Web utility.This will be very helpful to Network administrators System administrators to prevent infection from Portable Devices and also data theft .

To make this scan work you need administrator privileges and Internet Explorer.

Open the Endpoint site in Internet Explorer and click Scan my Network  which installs ActiveX Control in your computer.Allow it to install,after the ActiveX installation is completed .It asks to specify the computers to be scanned, if you want to select a range of computers you have to specify the IP Range with in your network

Specifying the Computers to be Scanned

With this Scan we can scan From Single Computer,and more computers in the network We  can even  add the names of computers to be scanned to list .

Scan Summary 

Risk Leveldevice threat Level 

Once the scan is Completed the results will be displayed in graphical report.The report includes device usage ,device threat level and computer risk level

Requirements for this scan windows XP\,2000\2003

Internet Explorer

Should be logged in with Administrative privileges.

Summary:With EndpoitnScan we can check how many Portable devices are connected to computers in Network with their names

Image Credit:EndPoint scan

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