As Firefox is becoming the Favorite browser for all among the rest of the Browsers as we daily use.There are some privacy problems in Firefox ,with few tweaks to Firefox we can use Firefox more safely and securely.


Tweaks for Privacy issues in Firefox:

1.Clear All Private Data in Firefox:Open Firefox Browser.

Clear Private Data

Tools>options>check clear all Private data Automatically in Firefox .

Restart Firefox.

2.Unsave History in Firefox:Though we set clear private data Automatically we have to set Firefox not to  remember our history and cache of data we entered in websites and forms.

Unsave History in Firefox

Open Firefox Tools>Options>History >Uncheck Keep  my History for at least 90 days

also Uncheck Remember what I enter in forms and Search bar

3.Set Firefox not to Save Passwords:Open firefox

Uncheck Remember password for sites

Tools>Options>Security>uncheck Remember passwords for sites

4.Disable Firefox’s Restore previous Session:This is a big privacy problem in Firefox when we close Firefox unexpectedly when we restart Firefox it asks to Restore Previous session this can leads to access of our info in that session which contains all personal data.

firefox -restore previous session

To disable this type about:Config and click I’ll be Careful I promise

Setting Browse.session.restore from crash to False

Type browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash in Filter or navigate to bottom to find

browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash and set this  to false .Restart Firefox.

This problem won’t occur again

5.Disable awesomebar in Firefox:When we type URL it shows drop down list of URLs as to protect our privacy disable the awesomebar.

awsomebar in Firefox

To disable awesomebar open Firefox type about:config  and click I’ll be careful I promise just copy browser.urlbar.maxRichResults and paste it in the Filter now double click it set it’s value from 12 to 0.Restart  Firefox.

Use Ccleaner Daily to clean all cache of browsers and save your privacy to some extent.Be sure to apply these tweaks  to Firefox after reinstallation of OS(don’t’ forget).

Have You Found These Firefox  Tweaks useful?

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