From Nodobe viewer you can understand that is say no to Adobe for viewing the PDF documents with Adobe Reader.Nodobe Viewer is nice Firefox add-on supports 38 different formats inlcuding images  along with PDF,Microsoft Word(DOC),Microsoft Power Point(PPT),Microsoft Excel(XLS),JPEG images TIF images and many more other document and image formats.

Inline View of PDF with Nodobe Viewer

To view the PDF file inline without downloading just right click on it and select open with Nodobe in new tab and you can view the PDF file in new tab . Opening PDF with Nodobe Viewer

Other feature included in Nodobe Viewer is It uses SSL transport description when displaying your document.The one thing don’t liked by all is it requires a signup for to use this ,you have to create an account for this.

It works with Firefox 3.0

Download Nodobe Viewer

What’s your say on this?

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