There will be incidents everyone gets spam and some how some email address looks like real ones ,so to know whether that email address exists are not there are web sites to verify the email address.

verify email address

How the email address is verified :The verifying tool works as SMTP server ,MX records are extracted from DNS server then tool connects SMTP server and produces the copy of sending message.

The verifying tool checks the format should be like this” and the domain is  valid or not ,and checks user exists with mailbox .This is the process goes in verifying the email address.

SIte#1 :Email-Unlimited site checks the user with mailbox exists or not and gives the status of Email address.enter the email address you want to verify and click verify .

Status of Verified Email Address

Site#2:Verify Email Address site verifies the email address enter the email address and click verify address

Site#3.Yellow Pipes Internet Services  Verify email address ,enter the email address you want to verify and click verify email

Site#4.CoveryourASP  verifies and validates her the process goes in 3 stages as I said testing the format of email and domain and SMTP server test.

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