First of all let me introduce what is MHT format MHT is designed by Microsoft which is a option to save all data about web page,CSS, graphics ,java script,images,flash animations ,images audio file and other embedded components into a  web archive ,single file.So this option is in Internet Explorer not in the Firefox .Firefox released an add-on that makes us to save web page with all its resources as MHT files with  UNMHT.

Let’s see in Internet Explorer:Microsoft introduced this format with this a web page and its resources can be saved into a single file called “Web archive

Saving Webpage as in MHT in IE

UNMHT Firefox Add-on:Install Firefox Add-on After installing you should restart Firefox to work UNMHT and FIrefox  add-ons page asks for email to download UNMHT ,I downloaded from Developer who developed firefox add-on UN MHT.

After installing now  from the file menu of Firefox you can save as MHT for single page will save as web archive there you can save current state and original file  and save all tabs as MHT  will give option to save current window including all tabs where as you have option to save all Firefox windows .

Save all tabs as MHT Screenshot

Download Firefox Add-on

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