There will be valuable data loss occurs if your hard drive is  crashed .Hard drive inspector detects and warns us before hard drive crash .It uses SMART technology to identify disk failures.As recent hard rives are coming with SMART technology.Every ones data is so important whether it is home or business.

What is SMART :SMART is Self- Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology that was developed to detect upcoming disk failures.Most hard drives coming recently uses SMART technology.

How Hard Drive Inspector Works:After installing hard drive inspector it gives a report based on SMART technology.It monitors  the life critical parameters of hard drive describing disks reliability and performance.After analyzing the parameters it warns the user if there is critical reduction of  disk reliability .

Hard drive Inspector Screenshot

Timely alerts make it possible backup the data and we can change the Hard drive which prevents loss of valuable data.It gives summary of hard drive in a report indicating

  • Reliability
  • performance
  • Error Resistance

If there is problem it detected in your Hard drive it warns us.It also gives drives temperature.Health summary is basic mode where any one easily understand health status of hard drive.Technical Info and SMART details are for advanced users and hardware specialists  who  can understand various parameters of hard drive.

Download Hard drive Inspector

Its a trial version. Its works in Win2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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