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If you are watching  a video  and you like particular images of that video in certain situations and don’t know how to grab them.We can extract images from all kinds of videos like AVI,MPEG,Live streaming Video and other video formats.

Saving Pictures from Videos playing in windows Media Player:

1.If you are watching video in Windows Media Player to save any image from video is just press Ctrl +I  will save the image in JPEG format .

2.There is another method using print screen ,normally if we use print screen when viewing WM Player nothing will come in paint editor.the reason is  due to overlay  feature in WM player.Disabling overlay feature will give way to capture images using print screen and pasting in Paint Editor.

To disable overlay feature in WM Player

Tools>Options >Performance>advanced and uncheck use overlays .click apply and ok.

Disabling Overlays

Now use Print screen button or Alt +Print screen to paste the image and save in your desired JPEG,PNG ,GIF format.

ImageGrab:ImageGrab extracts images from all kinds of videos AVI,MPEG,Live Video streams and other video formats.ImageGrab is a freeware.

Imagegrab Screenshot

How ImageGrab Works:Press Ctrl +F to open the video file and click Play button to play the video.

  1. ImageGrab captures every frame .
  2. TO capture the images form video playing in ImageGrab press F12 to grab and save the images in My Pictures or create a folder to save the pictures.
  3. You can want he frames you want to save as pictures pressing F12 will save them .Files will be saved as video001 ,video002 where video is the video file name here.
  4. It saves the pictures as bitmap images.
  5. Pressing F5 or left click on video will takes the snapshot of video
  6. Pressing F7or  will save the last snapshot.
  7. Pressing Ctrl+C will copy the picture to the clipboard ,you can paste it in the Paint Editor and save the picture in desired format.
  8. It is portable no installation required.

It works with Windows XP SP2 . as I tested unknown status for other Windows OS’s.

Download ImageGrab

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