you have files waiting to be written to CD It is  annoying that every time windows starts a pop up message come from system tray notification  saying “You have files waiting to be written to the CD” .Lets take  a look how we can disable  this message  in Windows XP.

Why this message coming:Its because of the inbuilt Microsoft recording software is enabled  for your drive,that’s why you are getting this message every time windows starts.With this inbuilt recording software we can add files to CD easily by dragging and dropping files.If you are using third party software such Nero then you can disable this inbuilt CD recording software.

Disabling  inbuilt CD recording software:

  1. Open My Computer >right click on DVD writer /Cd Writer
  2. Select Recording  and in the Desktop Cd recording uncheck or remove tick mark for “Enable CD recording on this Drive”,click apply and ok to apply changes. Disbleing CD recording on the  drive
  3. Now from onwards no more pop up messages of files waiting to be written to the CD.

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