PDF to Word

I have necessity to convert a PDF file to word document ,then I used Free PDF to Word converter that did not yield favorable results , and I am not satisfied as tables in PDF are disappeared in Word after conversion .Then I opted for online conversion sites and try to find out how they will convert PDF to Word.

ZamZar:ZamZar is free online conversion site that converts Various document formats,video formats,audio formats and compressed formats.I uploaded my PDF file and selected the converting format to Doc.You have to enter email address to receive converted file no problem it is  converted file and sent to my email id with in 2 minutes.I some what satisfied with Zamar but underlines are collapsed with words and tables are everything ok.

Website link:ZamZar

Media Convert:I then checked Media-convert it also like Zamzar converts most document formats,Video formats,Audio formats.I uploaded my PDF file and selected Output format as RTF and click ok and after successful conversion you can download as desired format in  zip file also.If I see the downloaded file its almost same to PDF file.

Website Link:Media-Convert

Here I tested only PDF to Word so with other video formats it may give undesired results as for the PDF to Word conversion Media-Convert looking like doing well.

What’s your opinion on this?

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