I use Foobar 2000 instead of winamp ,I saw AIMP2 on net and checked it how it works .AIMP is an audio player with extra features like Sound recording on your computer,convert audio files from one format to another and tags editing .One of the main feature is its quality is very nice.

AIMP2 featuresAIMP Screenshot:

  • Sound quality is good.
  • Audio converter available.
  • Tagging info can be easily edited.
  • AIMP player looks similar to winamp.

The AIMP site is in french language you can select English to view English ,that’s the only problem you are going to face and I compared AIMP with Foobar2000 .Foobar 2000 consumes average 1% of CPU usage playing while AIMP consumes 5% usage as we can effort as it loaded with Plug- ins and awesome Color looks.

Download AIMP

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