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WindowZones gives you protection against malicious Internet content from all your Internet applications including web browsers ,email clients,instant messaging applications,peer to per download clients.It gives protection against Zero-day Exploits,Hackers and identity thefts.Prevents Spywares,viruses and Root kit installations.

What is WindowZones:

:WindowZones protects us from threats from Internet Applications .such as

  • Web Browsers:Internet Explorer ,Firefox,Google Chrome ,Safari and Opera.
  • Email-Clients:Outlook,Thunderbird etc.
  • Instant messaging applications:Yahoo Messenger,Rediff Bol and Google Talk

It protects from Virus,Spyware,Root kit installations.The main feature of this it works on what you Access than detection.No Update of signatures required for this.

How it Works:

It creates two zones such as Admin Zone and Safer Zone .We have to move Internet Application to the safer Zone for protection.This is based on Dropping your rights for security.All you have to do is move Internet explorer and other applications to the safer zone from admin zone.We can bring back them to admin zone.You can see the rules applied by you opening Windowzones.


Yellow Lock indicates that program in the Safe Zone and Red Lock icon indicates that program in the Admin zone we can move them to either zone by right clicking on it.To make them permanently in the Safe zone we have to create rule for that by right clicking on it and click create rule and click ok rule is applied it will be in the safer Zone forever.Ones the program or application moved to safer zone it can not modify system files ,installing programs,changing registry keys.That’s main feature of WindowZones.

Creating Rules Applying Rules Lock

In this we can apply rules to all Internet Applications such as browsers and instant messaging programs and protect us from malicious threats from Internet Content such as Adwares,Spywares,Viruses.

Its trial version ,not a freeware.It supports Win XP\Vista\2000\2003 Server

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