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Belarc Advisor gives detailed information of your PC report in a browser.It lists installed  software,hardware,missed Microsoft hot fixes,current status of your Anti-Virus whether it is in updated condition or not.

Profile Generated by Belarc Advisor includes:

  1. Motherboard Model,Processor Info, memory of Ram modules installed,hard drive capacity and partitions you are using.
  2. Audio,Display drivers info.this will be very helpful to find drivers for your motherboard
  3. Missed hot fixes of Microsoft and lists available  Microsoft hot fixes for your computer.
  4. It displays the serials of Softwares you installed for example serials of  Windows XP SP2,MS Office and etc.This will be very helpful to find serials software installed on your computer.

Download Belarc Advisor

Sumamry:The Belarc Advisor is very useful system utility that should be with every PC user like CCleaner gives info on make of your Mother board model ,drivers details of audio and display ,software serials you can find very easily with Belarc Advisor.

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