There is option to protect  your data in MS  Word as you can set a password  and restricts access to the data in word document .You  need only text to insert ,then LockNote  is the way to write your personal info ,data,or passwords to encrypt it .LockNote is a freeware used to encrypt your text with a  password to access.

LockNote:LockNote is to protect your important data all you store like serial numbers,web sites address,all the text  is encrypted with a single password with AES 256bit encryption technology.

After downloading LockNote just click it will open and type the data you want and when you try to close it asks a password enter it and you text is encrypted.

  • No installation required you can take where ever you want with your  pen drive its portable.
  • You have to enter password each time when you open it.
  • Drag and drop text files facility available .
  • It’s a freeware.

Download  LockNote