It is known to all that we use search companion to search for files and folders in MY Computer.While I playing with My computer I found few new things about Search companion.Here I am introducing Mover,Merlin ,Courtney and Earl doing the tricks for you.

 Serch Companion

Open the Search Companion:

Start>Search >For Files and Folders

Rover wants to Play Fetch with you:

pack of crads

Now a animated character , Dog with  name called Rover will help you to find search stuff on the PC.Now click on dog it asks You rang now in the presented options click do a trick .For every click you see the trick of Rover doing reading ,It picks playing cards with mouth like this so many tricks it will do.

You rang message

Tricks:Reading ,Cooking ,taking clap,winkling at you,and lot to play with Rover with you are free to spend time.

Courtney Cooking

Here Comes Merlin the Magician:

Now on the options choose different character now Merlin comes a magician who dos  little magic click ok .Now .click on Merlin he says you rang  .click Do a trick for every click he shows different actions .Sometimes cooking,writing,etc like that.

Tricks:Reading the book,Knocking the Door,Writing  in the book ,clapping ,flying,praying,saying bye bye,Cooking,Doing Magic and wonders and lot more .

Courtney Comes as Tour Guide for you:

Courtney  talking to cellphone

Now click choose  a different animated character in what character would you like to choose click Next select Courtney and click ok.Now again click her and she says you rang and click Do a trick.She is very busy tour guide don’t disturb her too much.

Tricks:Ringing the horn,talking on Cell phone,announcing,using her laptop,saying bye bye,driving,showing this and that,giving flowers.

Earl the surfer:


Now Click choose different animated character and click Next here comes Earl click ok.Now click on Earl and he says you rang and click do a trick.

Tricks:Writes something on the board,changes his dress,Operating on laptop,wearing spectacles,surfing,watching through binoculars.

All of this may be a time pass if you are free then you can play with these animated characters have fun and enjoy.

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