Tired of reading text  then just relax and listen to your text as MP3 with Vozme.Vozme is online tool that converts text to speech and you download the converted text as MP3 no software required. You can even add speech to your web browser by adding bookmarklet  and you can add speech to your website also.

Conversion from Text to MP3:

To convert text to MP3 you have to paste the text to convert  into mp3 from web page or from word documents or form text files.clicking create MP3 will convert your text to MP3 and you can download and save it to your computer.

Enter text in English Download MP3

Adding  Speech to your  Web browser:

To hear the text in web browser as MP3 add Bookmarklet of Vozme to your Browser .For how to add bookmarklet and download see here.you have a choice to choose voice either male or female.

Adding speech to Website,Blog :

To add speech to your Blog ,Web site  follow the instructions from here.

Webiste :Vozme

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