As these days we are using lot of browsers like Internet explorer,Firefox,Safari .Google Chrome and Opera.

firefox1 ie safari  chrome

As we can expect there should be minimum three browsers are used by the browser one Internet Explorer ,Firefox  and safari or Chrome or Opera

After Installing lot of browsers and we get used to them it will be difficult to know which is set as default browser and how to set the default browser in windows.

Suppose I am considering here a user has Internet explorer,Firefox,safari and Gogole chrome are there .

Checking and setting Default Browser

  1. Suppose to check whether FIrefox is default Browser :Open Firefox Click Tools Options and click advanced and in the system defaults click check now and it displays if it is already set as default it says firefox is already set as your default Browser


and if it is not asks you to set it click yes and ok .And from now onwards Firefox is your Default Browser.Thats the way we should do to the all Browsers to set which ever you want as the default One.



Note:Firefox used here is Firefox3.0

To make Internet Explorer as default:

Open Internet explorer and click tools and options and click programs in default web browser click make default to become Internet explorer as a default


And the Internet explorer is  form now onwards your default browser .

Note:Internet explorer used here is Internet explorer7.0

2.Forcing Firefox to set as Default Browser:

Other option is we can force the Firefox to set as the default Browser for this close all Firefox windows and click start menu and click run and type “firefox.exe  -silent –setDefaultBrowser” without quotes.


And the The firefox is set as your default Browser.

Manually setting the default Browser in Windows  XP:

Click start menu select control panel and click Add or remove programs

  • Select custom and expand button the right side .def
  • From choose web browser select which browser you want as default browser here I selected Firefox and click ok.firefox1

3.Using Freeware to set default Browser:

There is freeware utility called Default Browser by using it you can set which ever browser as the default browser and click apply  .It works with Google Chrome also.To do undo changes click restet.


Download:Default Browser

Note:This utility works on Windows XP only.

My wish:Google chrome is not added to it already ,when I tried to add Google browser from other browsers to use this section I selected and upload Google chrome Exe file and it  worked.

Setting Google Chrome as default Browser  with Default Browser:

Since the Google Chrome is not available in the menu of Choose your Browser (presets). And from other browsers use this section, we have to upload Google chrome ,when we select that a message comes saying it may not work with all browsers note

Click ok and proceed.

Now paste as it is

“C:\Documents and Settings\venkatesh\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”  without quotes .


Replace  venkatesh with your name and click apply

Form now onwards Google Chrome is your Default Browser.