Truveo Video Search

Truveo is Online Video search makes it easy for you to search for youtube,Google Video,CNET TV,BBC News and many more videos that are linked with Truveo ,they are linked to Youtube and to all Video publishers.They are not hosting videos ,they are linking to videos hosted on other sites.Now the embedded coding makes it easy to do that.You will feel that you are watching videos hosted on the Truveo than from the original hosts like Youtube.

Truveo Video search:Just type the keyword of video you want to search on search bar for example “Google Android”and click search it will give the results depends on the videos available . .

Here you can choose from various channels :YouTube,My Space,Google Video,iTunes,MSN Video ,Soapbox ,Meta cafe ,yahoo News ,CNN,Fox News,ABC News,BBC News and others.You can select the channel and watch the video on Truveo it self .And they categorized their videos into Entertainment,Video Games,Movies,Home Video,Music,Comedy,Sports,Animation,Technology,Fashion,Business ,Science and etc.

You can select videos you want to watch from either channels or Categories The vidoes hosted by bloggers on youtube will be viewed here .I checked for mine video and found here.Publishers and you can create directory account for your site and can submit your feed there.Its free .Find the other details on the site itself on video publishers.

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