64   Privacy issues are there in Google Chrome which I found

When ever I open Google chrome it opens and show most visited sites ,recently book marked sites and closed tabs .I just don’t want this stuff to load When I open my Browser of Google Chrome

“Opening a new tab is always a Concern when someone around you ,it can be more of personal browser than a public browser”.


Creating profiles and accessing  it can not be possible on PC where all are accessing this can be compared to creating users in windows and setting password to each using the windows..Having said that I cant continue to use Incognito browsing for all time .As for this I should use firefox than Google Chrome.


Address bar is always a concern:Whenever I type the site address it shows sites relating I visited last time, from my bookmarks,from history and also Google search suggestions form history of bookmarks that are imported from Internet explorer.We found the way by disabling awesomebar  in Firefox not here.


Neither Clearing the browsing history also not yielding favorable  results nor disabling auto search suggestions.


what’s your say on this?

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