PdfMeNot  is a free  online PDF viewer ,here we can upload a PDF Document  and convert  it into SWF flash Movie or we can give the URL of PDF file which converts it into SWF flash movie.  PdfMenot is now  also available as a  Firefox extension with which you can now when you open a PDF document in Firefox it will take over and loads it as a SWF Flash movie file.Then you can save it from Firefox.

Download Firefox extension of PdfMeNot from here ,remember to open this site with in  Firefox. A Pop up message comes Firefox saying

Firefox prevented this site (http://www.pdfmenot.com)from asking you to install this software on your computer Allow

Click Allow to install  and  Fireofox asks to “install add-ons from authors  whom you trust ,PdfMeNot (verified)” click install after installing restart your Firefox.

For testing purposes I opened the adobe site and when I opened a PDF file   then automatically PdfMeNot  over takes and loaded it as a SWF flash movie.


Bonus Tip:Saving Animations from Firefox

Now We have SWF flash movie file we have to download this

  1. In Firefox Tools>Page Info>Media and find URL with SWF extension and type as object click save as and save files in  your hard drive.

Uninstall: To uninstall PdfMeNot Extension ,open Firefox Tools>add-ons>select PdfmeNot >uninstall.

Note: This add-on works with Firefox 3.0,remember  from  now onwards  whenever you open any PDF file it will be opened by PdfMenot as Flash Movie file,all PDF links will become PDFMeNot links after from the installation of  PDFMeNot add-on.

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