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We all have a problem occurs when we accidentally closed a tab in Internet Explorer ,Google Chrome ,Firefox and Opera.Is there is any way that we could reopen last closed tab.Yes, take a look how to reopen last tab in all browsers.

Reopening Last Closed tab in Internet Explorer 7:

To reopen a last Tab in Internet Explorer 7 we have  to download a plug-in called IE7 Open Last Closed Tab ,download the latest version and  be sure to close all opened Internet Explorer Windows.Now If you open Internet Explorer Tools>Manage Add-ons>Enable or Disable Add-ons, you will find IE7 Last Open Closed tab Enabled there.Now if you close any tab accidentally  on Internet Explorer by  pressing Alt-X you can reopen that tab.

This Add-on works IE8 Beta also.

To Reopen last closed Tab in Firefox :Press Ctrl+Shift+T

To Reopen last Closed Tab in Google Chrome :Press Ctrl+Shift +T

To Reopen Last Closed tab in Opera:Press Ctrl+Alt +Shift+Z