IDM LOGOgoogle chrome logoUPDATE: Below mentioned procedure is no longer necessary with the latest IDM version. Plz scroll down to bottom to see the instructions.

I am using IDM since some time from now, its my favorite download manager. I observed that Google Chrome downloading files with its inbuilt download manager, and I checked for help section in IDM to integrate new browser and I come up with a solution. Hope this will be useful to all.

  1. Open IDM and in Downloads>options which pops up Internet  Download Manager configuration .
  2. Click General, and check or enable Use advanced browser integration.
  3. Internet Downlaod Manager

4.   Click yes to continue, then a message pop ups saying network integration has changed reboot your computer to make changes work. Click ok  to Reboot .

             Internet Download MangerNetwork Integration

5.After rebooting, open IDM >Downloads >options and check or enable Detect new  applications that try to download files from Internet. 

 6. Now open Google Chrome and try to download simple file anything around for 1MB than IDM will asks so

C:\Documents and settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe  is trying to download files form the Internet do you want to integrate IDM  into this and download file yes or  No”

Click yes and IDM download the file you. IDM is now integrated into Google Chrome.

7. Check this by IDM>Downloads>options and Google Chrome is listed on the Integrate IDM into browsers.

Integrate IDM into Browsers

8.Now you can uncheck Detect new application that try to download the files from the Internet .

You can follow this procedure for IDM to integrate with any new browser.

Update: Currently you need to install latest version of IDM and then need to enable “IDM Integration” extension in Chrome://extensions page to start downloading files in Chrome with IDM. If you’ve any doubts please ask me in comments. And the above method still works for IDM older versions.