When you are running CCleaner, you can get CCleaner.exe  -corrupt file in the notification area error.

Here is the total text of the error

“ CCleaner  .exe  -Corrupt File

The file or directory \Documents and Settings\username \Local Setting\Temporary Internet  File\Content.IE5\VITR 0FUB \audreyelson_ trail[1].flv is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility.”

Reason:You will get this due to corruption of files.


  1. Open My computer, and right click the operating system partition here it is C drive and right click on it and select ‘Tools’ and in ‘Error-checking’ tab, click Check Now and select ‘Automatically fix file system errors’, click ‘start’ to begin the error –checking.
  2. Since its the main booting partition, it requires reboot for exclusive scan of files, click ‘yes’ to schedule for the reboot and restart your computer .
  3. Chkdsk will run automatically giving the message it is recommended to continue and you can stop it by clicking a key, let it continue, chkdsk scans files in 3 stages in stage1: it scans files, in stage2: it scans indexing entries and in final stage 3: it scans security descriptors and fixes any errors are there.
  4. After chkdsk scan, your system will load Windows, now run CCleaner, you won’t get ccleaner .exe-corrupt file error again.

Bonus Tip: Use CCleaner daily to improve your system performance.

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