It will be nice if we can find the time at which we started our system and how much from long it has been running (which is called as Uptime for a system). Uptime will be shown by Windows command prompt in Hours: Minutes: Seconds format. Shutdown time is the time, at which system has been shutdown, will be shown in date, hours.

Update 26/08/2014: See the update at the bottom for Windows 7

I.Here I will describe ways we can find the system Uptime

  1. We can find it in Windows XP through Command–line utility called Systeminfo.
  2. Just type cmd in run box and in the cmd  type
systeminfo  |   Find  “Up Time”


Remember letters are case sensitive, so type as it is as shown above.

Note: The above command works for XP only.

II.Finding Uptime through Event Viewer

We can also find uptime through the Windows built-in Event Viewer

  1. In the cmd type “eventvwr” without quotes
  2. In the left Pane click System and click View and select find, in the Event ID type 6006, you can find it in the upward or downward direction, now click Find Next. It is the starting time of system, if we right click it and click Properties says Eventlog service was started. from that time till session you are on PC is time taken up. This we can also find startup time also.


Finding System Shutdown Time:Through Windows Event Viewer We can find time at which system has been shutdown (this may not be accurate).

  1. In the Run type cmd and type “eventvwr”without quotes and in the left pane click system.
  2. From view find 6005 which is when event log service stopped is the shutdown time.

Note: The above commands and instructions works for Windows XP only.

Update: To find the system’s uptime in Windows 7

I. Open command prompt and use the command net statistics server 

The line ‘statistics since’ tells the time from which the system was running.

statistics for Windows PC

II. You can use the Uptime utility to find the system uptime

  1. Download uptime zip file, extracts its files to a folder, navigate to that folder, hold the Shift button on the keyboard and right click on the empty space and select ‘open command window here’
  2. Once command window opens, type uptime.exe or uptime (check the screenshot below)

uptime Windows 7

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