Lot of hype about chrome since its release lets  128

take a look at features of Google Chrome one by one.

If you are not downloaded Google Chrome till now you can download from here.



All in one  address bar :

As we see that Internet explorer or firefox there will be address bar and search box linked together Since Google it self is a search engine they combined address bar  search bar all into one.

Like awesome bar in Firefox now Google address bar also when we type address gives suggestions and also searches bookmarks and history for filling the site address.


Tabs usage:

Every time you opens a new tab by clicking + sign it shows most visited sites ,most used search engines, recently book marked pages and tabs.

most visited

For my privacy I have not shown some sites which are erased.

And you can drag and drop tabs ,drag and drop a tab as a windows and you can change positions of tabs.

Incognito Mode for Private browsing:

Like Inprivate browsing IE8 Beta2 Google Put incognito mode which only deletes history of pages you visit.Cookies will be cleared ,Bookmarks and files downloaded remains same.To go to Incognito Mode .

  1. Open the Google Chrome .
  2. Right click on control the current page and click new incognito window.
  3. Now Incognito window open saying info that you are on Incognito history of pages you visit will not be saved.and cookies will be cleared after you close the window
  4. incognito incognito
  5. You can work Incognito window and normal window in Chrome simultaneously.

Bookmarking Made Easy:

As with firefox here also we can bookmark easily a site by clicking the star button.


Create shortcuts to web sites very easily:

This is the feature”Application shortcut” not available in other browsers .We can create desktop  shorcut to any site with application shortcut.

Let us how to create a shortcut .Open the site suppose  http://computersservicing.blogspot.com and in page menu click create  application shortcuts.And now my site is placed as a desktop shortcut where you can visit my site daily as a application.


now you can access my site with a shortcut from desktop in Google chrome.

This can be very handy of course we can not create application shortcuts for every site as bookmarks available .

About  History:

you can find the history by selecting history from page menu ,you can also clear the history for that day by clicking history and click delete history for this day.


Clear History by clearing Browsing data select everything to delete all ,you can select last day wise and also weekly basis .


Downloading Made easy:

If we have to download inbuilt download manager for chrome will do the job for you


How Chrome reacts when tab crashes:

When a tab crashes it wont effect other tabs in the same window inspite  it shows a message to reload try another page


Task Manger for Chrome :

As we know the task manger for windows which lists the processes and their CPU usage,Chrome has task manager which shows memory taken by tabs or windows in Google chrome ,If one Window or tab not responding we can close that through task manger in chrome.

Task manger:

  1. Right click on top of Chrome beside tab and select task manger
  2. .tm tmpr

How Chrome Behaves when Opens a site that does not exist:

Normally we will find when we type a site URL which not exist we will get address not found in Firefox and server not found in Internet Explorer here chrome shows oops link appears broken.


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