When I tried to remove my pen drive by clicking ‘safely remove hardware ‘icon, I got an error with the message ‘An exception occurred while trying to run “shell32dll, Control_RunDLLhotplug.dll” ‘ (check the screenshot below). Let us see how to fix this error. This happens to be on the system that have installed backup softwares like Acronis ,Norton Ghost and Acronis that came with Seagate disk wizard.

exception occured shell32dll. Control_RunDLLhotplug.dll error


The solution is: follow the steps below as I mentioned exactly and your problem will be solved.

  1. Click start menu and settings and go to Control Panel, double click ‘System’ icon, you can also do this by right clicking on ‘My computer’ and selecting  ‘properties’.
  2. Double click ‘Device Manager’,  click ‘View’ menu and select ‘Show hidden devices’ (check the screenshot below).


3. Now expand storage volumes by double clicking on storage  volumes or just click “+ “sign to expand.

storage volumes

4. Now you will find Generic volumes, right click on the generic volume having letter (here Generic VolumeG) and click ‘update driver’ and let it connect to Internet and restart your computer after the update finishes.



5. Do this procedure as it is for all Generic volumes, restart your computer every time, when Windows asks.

6. .Now do the test by plugging-in your USB device and click ‘Safely remove hardware’ icon, click ‘stop’ and remove the USB device, you wont get this error again.


Note: You’re advised to create a system restore point before doing all these, if anything goes wrong you can go back to initial state using that.

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