We are actually using advanced and updated versions of Internet explorer that is IE7.0 or IE8.0 beta .But I am talking about Internet explorer 6.0 that came with windows XP ,as we can uninstall IE7.0 or IE8.0beta as IE6.0 remains as it is in the windows.


Is it possible to uninstall Internet Explorer

yes it is possible with Xplite .


you can view the full details about xplite from here

Why not to uninstall Internet Explorer

  1. ActiveX technology:some sites work only Microsoft’s ActiveX technology and not work on other browsers .For example though these sites can be viewed through user agent switcher extension  in Firefox.
  2. Webmasters are  programming  their sites to work only on Internet explorer as an example I can give sbms site which designed to work on Internet explorer only and they are mentioning it in the site also .sbms1
  3. Windows update will only work on Internet explorer ,Vista is exception to this.

What happens if we uninstall Internet explorer

  1. Some Microsoft products and other products will not work if you remove Internet explorer .
  2. Some antivirus updates may not work with other browsers as well.

   3.   Removing Internet explorer results to instability of windows

  4.   The windows  Help and  support may not work due to relying  on  the html help and of Internet explorer.


If you do not want to use Internet explorer

Hide the Internet explorer icon on the desktop:If you decided not to use Internet explorer ,hide the desktop icon of Internet explorer  by right click on desktop click properties and click Desktop and select Customize Desktop and uncheck Internet explorer


Delete IE icon from Quick launch bar:right click Internet explorer icon on the quick launch bar and click delete .

Remove it from start menu:Remove it form start menu by clicking start programs and delete the Internet explorer from start menu


Summary:Finally the conclusion is we should neither  uninstall Internet explorer from windows nor exclude it from windows “Internet explorer is more than browser ,it is Internet functionality in Windows”

What’s your say on this?

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